Write a critique of the health promotion strategy

2. Critical essay
Students are required to write a critique of the health promotion strategy they have chosen from the pre-approved list. This should include an evaluation of the behaviour change theory that has been used and the approach to health promotion that has been employed.
Students will need to include the following in their woric • A Critique of global health promotion targets in relation to the strategy • A critical evaluation of the approach to health promotion used for their chosen strategy including the social, cultural and ethical appropriateness of it in this situation.
Student must also:
• Demonstrate the ability to support and analyse information from published sources using the Harvard referencing system. Details of this can be found on the Academic Skills page. • Present work in a legible well-structured format. • Presentation of written work is important. Please adhere to requirements for presentation of student written assignments, details in your programme handbook. You must include a title page.
Keep a copy of your assignment for your own reference. …Further details are available in the Critical Essay Assessment Specification on Moodle.
Formative Assessments
The formative assessment for this module requires student to list their chosen health promotion strategy and the behaviour change theory underpinning it on Moodie Forum by Friday 24th February 2023. This will not be marked or receive a grade but approval and feedback will be given. The purpose of this is to provide support for work that should form the basis of the summative assessments.
Summative feedback
Summative feedback will be provided in writing via Moodie within 15 working days
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