Who are your potential customers?

    1. Who are your potential customers?


    1. What are your potential customers like as a consumer?


    1. What are your potential customers looking for?


    1. Describe the target market.


    1. What are the product(s) or services that will be sold online?


    1. Which websites did you use to research your product or service?


    1. What Is the Market Opportunity for your product or service?


    1. Compose a short Value Proposition for your product or service.


    1. Breifly describe possible conent for your website.



Breifly describe one or two possible competitors.


Their target customers
Their products or services
Their unique value proposition and effectiveness
Their marketing strategies
Media they use for marketing
Their website usability


Make a cohesive Business Plan.

Present the following in one document like a portfolio. Use the Lean Business Plan Format as shown in theShopify Blog PostLinks to an external site.

. You do not need to do a SWOT Analysis.


11. Your Plan should include each of the following sections in order:


    1. Executive Summary:This should include a mission statement and goals for the future.


    1. Business Description:This should include a problem statement you are solving, and a brief description of how you will solve the problem with a product, your personal talents, or staff assets.


    1. Market Analysis:This should include the data from your previous market opportunity research and a description of your target market.


    1. Product or Service Provided:In this section, give a description of your product or service and how it solves a market pain for your customers. Also include an image of your product or service prototype.


    1. Customer segmentation:Description of the ideal customer.


    1. Marketing Plan:Here you should provide a preliminary marketing plan.


    1. Website Plan:Brief description of Web Pages needed.




You may submit your assignment as a Word document, a PowerPoint, a PDF, OR as a link to a Google Document (make sure that the document has been shared to “anyone who has the link” so that I can read it.)