Ways of Learning about the Social World

GUIDANCE 2022/2023
Ways of Learning about the Social World
How to complete this essay…
Choose TWO topics from the following list of topics to write your essay:
Social Class
Health and Wellbeing
Life chances
Identify your Topic State the TWO TOPICS you are going to talk about. For
Ethnicity and Social Class.
Introduction: Introduce both topics on what you have planned to do, how you
have planned to do it, and in what order would you do it. When doing so, please include
a theory you would use to demonstrate your understanding of each topic.

Main body: A brief summary of what the study of social science is about including
its definition.
A discussion/explanation around the chosen topic –
such as Social Class or
and by providing definitions of the topics. Also, by using theorists such as
Karl Marx or Max Weber.
In each area, there are key theoretical concepts to be considered such as the
legislation (Law), the impact on the social world as a result of the changes these points
have brought about. An example of the legislature is the
Children’s Act 1989 or the
Equality Act 2010.
At this point it is important to remember that you will be
required to include into your essay:
(A) Key concepts: This relates to theories and conceptual tools that enable
a greater understanding of the subject matter
(B) Real world experiences: this is called contextualisation, which you
must apply here; as it brings together what you are learning and what your real-world
experiences are. At this point, you can give examples from the
real world and
reference them.
conclusion: Here you can conclude your essay by summarizing the main points
in a short paragraph or two of your narrative
Reference page: An important point to note is that your references are NOT
part of your word count and the Harvard style of references must be used.
Module Leader Derrick Samuel