Variety of means and methods

History assignment

You should write roughly 5-9 paragraphs (2-3 pages) for the long essay prompt ; 3-5 paragraphs (1-2 pages) for both short essays , and 1-2 solid paragraphs for each


Long essay : write 5-9 paragraphs on topic include everything.

The United States expanded greatly from 1803 to 1853 through a variety of means and methods supported by important reasons and ideas. By what means

and methods (military, technological-industrial, and political-diplomatic) supported by what reasons and ideas (economic, racial, ideological, and religious) did the United States gain so much territory and from whom? Who (individuals and groups) went west and why?

Short essays : write 3-5 paragraphs on each topic

1.     Northern abolitionists included only a tiny minority of the population (the immediatist American Anti-Slavery Society in 1838 claimed 250,000 members in 1,350 auxiliaries). How and why did Southern pro-slavery leaders react so militantly and so aggressively to abolitionist propagandizing activity? Describe the character, motivation, and tactics of the abolitionists and then explain the basis of the militant Southern reaction to abolitionist propaganda and discuss the tactics and methods that pro-slavery Southern leaders developed to protect and defend slavery.

2.     Discuss the causes, key events, and consequences of the War of 1812. identifications : write 1-2 paragraphs on each topic identify and explain the topics

1. Frederick Douglass

2.Manifest Destiny

3.Emancipation Proclamation

4. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments