Usability Test instrument

Usability Test instrument
Web Site URL:
Date: ____________________
Your comments are very valuable to us. Please answer the following questions by circling the
number that best describes your answer or in some cases by providing a brief explanation in the
space below the question.
1. Please indicate your gender – Male Female
2. Please indicate your age category –
15-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-55 65+
3. How experienced are you in using the internet?
No experience Limited experience Some experience Very experienced

4. Were you able to easily complete the task/tasks set
If you could not please describe why not?
Yes No

5. How would you describe your feelings generally about your experience using this site?
Please tick one of the numbered boxes.

Very Bored Bored Indifferent Interested Very Interested

6. What would make you return to this site?
7. If you could change one thing about the web pages, what would it be? Please describe
8. What was the best feature of the site?
9. What was the worst feature of the site?
10. What did you think of any graphics on the site? Please describe.
11. Were there any elements that caused confusion or slowed down your retrieval of
information or completing the task?
Yes No If yes, describe
12. How much of the information on the site did you actually read? Please tick the
numbered box.

None Skim-read only About Half Most of it All of it

Usability Test instrument
13. Indicate by ticking the appropriate circle the level to which you agree or disagree with the
following statements

Agree Neither
Agree or
Disagree Strongly
I would recommend this website to others
I found the screen layout easy to
The design of the interface is appealing
When accessing the information the
number of steps required was acceptable.
It was easy to navigate through the site
Some features I wanted did not exist
The language used was easy to
I always found what I wanted from the
web pages
I did not get lost when completing the
Generally I found the information easy to
The size of the text was easy to read
The information on the page was
effectively laid out
The text was displayed in a way that was
easy to read
Generally there was too much
information on the screen
Different parts of the interface such as the
icons are consistent

21.1. Are there any other comments you would like to make? (You may use the back of this