Understanding and Managing Data Assignment


Task 1: Sample Data

To gain insights into the typical price consumers are willing to pay for a bag, a bag designer randomly selected 42 designs from its summer collection. The data have been made available in the Excel file named “MN4063 Autumn CWK 1 Data” under the tab labeled Task 1.

Required for Task 1

1. Using the ungrouped data for Task 1 and the pivot table function in Excel, create an appropriately grouped frequency table (with six intervals) to summarise the price data. Both absolute and percentage frequencies should be presented on the same frequency table. Percentage frequencies should be rounded appropriately. Copy the table into your Word document.

2. Using the ungrouped data for Task 1, calculate relevant descriptive statistics to summarise the price data. Values should be rounded to a correct number of decimal places. At a minimum, you should calculate the mean, standard deviation, range, median and interquartile range. Present your statistics in a table. Copy the table into your Word document. The Excel formulae used
should also be shown, where applicable.

Task 2: Networking

A project consists of 9 activities, each with a specific duration stated in weeks. For example, Activity E takes 3 weeks to complete and can only be started after Activity C has been completed. Information on the 9 activities is outlined in the precedence table (Table 1) below.