Understand the nature of Consulting

1.1 Identify reasons why an organisation may employ the services of a consultant
1.2 Explain how a consultant can add value to a client organisation
1.3 Describe the stages in the Consultancy cycle
1.4 Discuss the importance of professional and ethical conduct in Consulting
1.5. Explain how a consultant can develop credibility for effective engagement with client organisation
2.1 Explain why it is important for a consultant to plan for personal professional development
2.2 Evaluate current skills knowledge and behaviours against those identified in the consultancy competency framework
2.3 Produce a personal development plan to support development
2.4 Explain the importance of reflective practice in developing oneself as a consultant
3.1 Evaluate different methods of communication available to a consultant
3.2 Evaluate the importance of using diverse communication methods with clients
3.3 Explain the impact of communication methods on the client relationship
3.4 Assess the communication challenges facing a consultant to the client organisation