U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

For this assignment, you will compose a 250-word interpretive essay and you will review one essay submitted by a peer. So you must submit your draft in two places: on the professor page, and also here on the peer review page. In addition, you’ll also submit a copy to the Academic Support Center.

Your answer will be your organized response to the following prompt:

Pope Francis, Michael Himes in his homily, the US Catholic Bishops in their discussion of human dignity, and the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights each present a compelling vision of the nature and meaning of human dignity. Draw on one of these four sources as you answer this question: How might this vision of human dignity help someone reconsider the meaning of their own life, with particular focus on what they do, both day-to-day and over a lifetime (work, family, etc.)?

Your essay should “unpack” your answer to the question (your thesis). Although your voice is present, your own personal opinion about the nature and meaning of ‘dignity’ is not a main focus of this essay. Instead, you are being asked to think critically about the concept that has been presented to you.

Your essay should be highly structured, following this format:

Sentences 1-3: Present an overview of the essay; bring your reader into the essay.Sentence 4: your answer to the question, the thesis.The remainder of the essay should be dedicated to “unpacking” your thesis: provide reasons why it is valid.Finally, you are to conclude with a nuanced claim about the nature and meaning of human dignity, namely what promise and peril it offers.

Be sure to cite specifically from the source you are using. Full, direct quotations are not allowed. You must paraphrase or summarize what you are using from these two sources.

Please strive to shape a complete thesis in your introduction that explains what the challenge is, and what the promising impact might be from living out your vision of dignity, despite the challenge. Please



Read Pope Francis’ speechLinks to an external site. delivered on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker in 2013.Read Matthew 25:14-30Links to an external site.. The link takes you to the Gospel of Matthew as presented at the website for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. To remind you: Bible passages are coded by chapter and verse. In this case, it is the 25th chapter of Matthew, verses 14-30. This section is known as “The Parable of the Talents.” Click “parableLinks to an external site.” for a definition of this term.