The Lincoln and the Holland Tunnels


The following are some suggested term projects that you may select. You may select another if you choose. Please avoid the Lincoln and the Holland Tunnels. Select a topic that interests you. The term paper should be 10 pages which include the write-up, drawings, photos and references. Prepare the report as you would for a professional project. Neat, correct spelling and grammar are required.

The following are some suggested topics:

1.     A specific tunnel project mixed face using shields, tunnel boring machine such as the Sekain Tunnel, the BART Tunnels or the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.

2.     A historic tunnel such as those by the Romans, the St. Clair Tunnel, or the Hoosac Tunnel.

3.     Methods of excavation for soft ground tunneling, hard rock.

4.     Mixed face using shields, tunnel boring machine, drill and blast, roadheader, earth pressure balanced, slurry shield.

5.     Tunnel problems such as fire, flooding or cave-ins.

6.     Subways as in Paris, NYC, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Taiwan.

7.     Water tunnels, railroad tunnels, immersed tube tunnels.

8.     People important to tunneling or tunnel disasters.

9.     Channel Tunnel, Fort McHenry Tunnel, or soft ground tunnels.

10.Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Penn Station Tunnels, Detroit Windsor Tunnel.

11. Tunnel types such as immersed tube, microtunneling, rock tunnels.


This term project should include a bit of history concerning your selected topic. It should describe the current status and what is proposed for the future. For people, address their background and how they came to develop their contribution to the industry.