Team Project Overview

HRM 4111
Recruitment and Selection
Team Project Overview
This team project requires students to work in teams to collect and analyze
data and subsequently construct a new and original recruitment and selection
plan for one position in any organization
Students begin by selecting an organization to study—students are strongly
encouraged to select an organization that meets the following criteria: a) is of interest to
them once they graduate; b) organization documents are available such as mission
statement, financial statements, and job description; and c) access to both employees
and managers to conduct both primary and secondary research. The organization may
be any size and type and it may be any position. This may be an organization studied in
another course in this graduate certificate. This organization and position are to be
submitted to the professor for approval no later than the end of week three.
In the first section of the project, students are required to complete an
organizational analysis as outlined in the project evaluation file. Next students are
required to provide a thorough analysis of the one job to be staffed as outlined in the
project evaluation file.
Students are then required to develop a
new and original recruitment and
selection plan as fully detailed in the evaluation file. Throughout the entire project is the
evidence of the application of relevant HRM and recruitment and selection theories and
concepts. Teams are required to include a minimum of five peer reviewed academic
journals supporting their project design. Finally, teams are required to provide an
executive summary or abstract, appendices, and adherence to the
School of Business
and APA as these both apply to this assignment and all courses.
This project fosters the development of students’ knowledge and skills of all
critical processes in the recruitment and selection process as it directly mirrors industry