7207ENG Advanced Topics in Engineering Management

Lecture Review of Advanced Topics – S2, 2016

Due Date: Tuesday 11th October 2016 (4pm in G09 foyer assignment box)

Length: 2 lecture reviews @ 2 pages each (4 pages total)

Weighting: 20%

Task overview:

This individually completed assignment requires students to review a total of two (2) advanced topics covered in lectures. Students will be required to write a concise two page brief according to the template provided on each topic (i.e. 4 pages total).

The critical review will cover the key points covered in the lecture and identify any potential benefits, barriers and opportunities for implementing the particular advanced topic in an engineering context. Students will be provided a detailed brief and template for this task. Students will only be able complete a review on lecture topics attended according to a signed register.

Key points to cover in each 2 page paper (some flexibility in areas covered):

Strictly follow the provided conference paper template format

Overview of topic

Context in which advanced topic is applied

Critical review on the topic presented referring both to the lecture and published material (i.e. what is the current best practice and application)

opportunities for exploiting the topic

benefits of the topic

Barriers to the widespread application of the advanced topic (i.e. lacking human skills, technology, lacking investment, government policy or restrictions, feasibility of implementation, etc.)

Avenues for future research, investigation and policy change to enhance the rate of diffusion of this particular advanced topic in a particular context (i.e. if we understand this particular aspect further we can implement more, cost-benefit analysis, ensure quality sufficiently high enough, etc.)

Future research

Conclusions and recommendations