Task Information: Farber Biomedical have recruited you as a business analysis specialist, you have been asked by the Group Director of Finance to prepare a report for the senior management team at the group. The context of your report is that the Director of Finance has asked you, to carry out a review of the future direction of their business processes and to provide advice on how best to approach their information systems development initiatives. Task Description: The Group Director of Finance has asked you to prepare a report on the following specific issues in relation to the business processes and information systems development plans for the Group 1. One key part of the groups strategy is continuous quality improvement. Analyse and advise how the group on the areas of benchmarking, quality management and continuous improvement for process improvement in production and operations. 2. The medical devices industry regards itself as being a very innovative industry. Another key part of the groups strategy is to be an innovating organisation. Assess and recommend a framework for managing innovation throughout the group. 3. User interface design is an important issue in systems development. It is also a major design consideration with some of the groups medical device product ranges. Analyse and advise the group on user interface design methodologies and standards. 4. Management wants to adapt a standard methodology for system development throughout the group. Critically assess the alternative system development methodologies available for adoption by to the group and make a recommendation. You will need to justify your recommendation in your discussion. 5. Summarise your overall conclusions and recommendations for all of these areas for the senior management team of the group. Important In your report you are addressing a business audience. You report should have a business report type structure with a brief executive summary, clearly defined sections and a conclusions and recommendations section at the end. This is a research assignment. As such, use the recommended readings in the course material, search the web and use the relevant electronic journals/ relevant business periodicals in your research. This report should be 3,000 words, excluding references. In the report and you need to critically evaluate and assess the research material you present and justify your decisions. Link your discussions to the specific business circumstances of the firm and industry, as outlined in the assignment case study.