Task (1)

1-  (a)  I try to work the code but somethings is wrong. i want to bring the code clearly as Rstudio code. and also you have to (Explain reasons to why you defined the removed points as noise points), you did not explain it enough.

2-  (b) I have to compute mean location values.

3- (c) Can you tell me how you compute the most time driven, least time driven, and mean time driven). show me the code please.

4- (d) there are many wrong of answer, where is the Plot the location points of taxi=ID and Compare the mean, min, and max location value of taxi=ID with the global mean, min, and max. , Compare total time driven by taxi=ID with the global mean, min, and max values. , Compute the distance traveled by taxi=ID. To compute the distance between two points on the surface of the earth use the following method.

Also the prof say you have to use last three student number and you did not use it ( my first and last three number is (5191)).

Task 2 is good and i think you did not open the file for task one and may be you did not find it, so i will send to you the link and you have to use it to open the file for task 1.

the file taxi.csv.zip from  http://teaching.cs.uow.edu.au/~markus/data/taxi.csv.zip   

 Caution: The file taxi.csv.zip is 314MB in size, uncompressed the file is 1.2GB in size! 

I want to confirm from you, for you have receive the email and you open the file from the link. 

And also i want the answer ASAP because the prof give me chance to fix it the assignment.

Client’s initial requirement  

i have to task one of them is about taxi in Rome and another on about bank and all files you need it will be find. i want to read the both task carefully plz.
The R software package, the file assignment1.zip i add in your website and the file taxi.csv.zip from this link you will find in assignment description,