Talent management and workforce planning

You work for a large organisation that has just completed a restructure of its people function. You work in the resourcing team having previously specialised in employment relations. Your new manager is an experienced resourcing specialist and is delivering a webinar at a forthcoming CIPD branch event. The event is popular, with many bookings made. When participants make a booking, they are asked to include questions they would like answers to.

Your manager is keen to develop your knowledge of talent management and workforce planning and has asked you to prepare full written answers to the 15 questions the participants have raised. The questions are varied, and you want to impress your new manager with your answers as well as your ability to independently research any areas you are unfamiliar with. The questions will be answered during the webinar, so it is important your answers are focused, clear and concise.

In addition, you should make appropriate use of academic theory and practical examples to expand your responses and illustrate key points. Please ensure that any references and sources drawn upon are acknowledged correctly and supported by a bibliography.