Supporting Diverse Learners

Question 1

  • Examine the possible benefits and challenges of preschool inclusion in Singapore.
  • Examine the infrastructure that is recommended to be put in place in order to carry out preschool inclusion meaningfully.
  • State the most important elements that Singapore preschools can adopt in order to improve inclusion. You may draw insights from the above articles and relevant resources to illustrate your answer.

Question 2

Tom is a 3-year-old boy presenting with delayed language, motor skills, and self-help skills. Tom attends a regular preschool where you are his teacher. Tom can be having difficulty following class routines, lessons, does not socialize with peers and often wanders around the classroom. His parents often do not know how to engage him in play at home as Tom does not have any interest in toys except for some cause-effect toys. His parents read about EIPIC services and wanted to have a discussion with you about these services.

  • Program structure and requirements
  • Setting
  • Target group
  • Areas of focus
  • Reasons for selecting the early intervention program that is most relevant to Tom