Critical analysis of a company’s supply chain process. In the module, we have studied logistics and supply chain processes. Now, suppose you are the supply chain manager of a company you are familiar with, critically analyze the company’s logistics process in its supply chain, and discuss how would you apply the concepts, theories and principles learned in this module to improve the supply chain performance.

The concepts, theories, and principles may include demand management, inventory management, distribution, and transportation. You are expected to analyze the whole logistics process first, and then to identify the key issue or problem in the company’s logistics, find out the reasons causing the problem and propose appropriate solutions.

Theories and principles learned in lectures and seminars should be applied to the selected company to justify your analysis. In addition, the critical analysis should be underpinned by up-to-date peer-reviewed academic journal articles and examples and cases. For example, you may start with the problem that you have identified, providing evidence why you believe that this is a problem and needs improvement.