Assessment Requirements


The summative assignment is a 2500-word essay.

The purpose of the essay is discuss the value of the different types of evidence for the practice-based question presented in coursework

. And to show you ability to conduct a detailed literature search and begin to critically evaluate evidence in relation to the assignment and reflect on what you have learnt from the article and how this knowledge can inform the development of your practice.

Additional details Essay Structure can be found below and on the module site and Word Count can be 10% plus or minus of 2,500 words

You must give your assignment a Title which reflects the content.

Additional details Essay Structure and Word Count (guide only)

You must give your assignment a Title which reflects the content.




Your introduction should briefly address the following points:

practice-based care issue given and the relevance to your practice.

The importance of evidence-based practice

Brief descriptions of the prescribed critiquing model and the reflective mode you will be using 400 words


Critical Analysis

Critical analysis consistently applied

Integration of research methods, critical reflection, critical analysis and evidence based practice to your personal and professional development 1500 words


This is the only part of the assignment where you may use the ‘first person’ = ‘I’, because it is reflective


400 words


Brief summary of what you covered in this essay e.g. research article and identified the areas of research selected and discussed being critical, appraising and reflective.

Do not introduce any new information here.

200 words


This is an Individual Assessment

Assessment Weighting 70%

Maximum Word Count

2,500 words plus or minus 10%

Your work must be submitted in the following format:- Microsoft word

Your work must be submitted in the following file type :- doc / .docx

You are required to submit your work by Module Site on CANVAS, to the correct portal

Anonymous Submission Yes

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