The Week 1 Summative Assignment is a written assignment to fill out and complete the worksheet. Please follow the directions below.

For the Summary Definition column, be sure to summarize the main points in your own words. There should be NO direct quotes.

The Practice Example will come from your own work experience or suggest a situation where this would apply. Write the example without using 1st person so you work on that new skill set you will need for your BSN.

Column 3: The Application of Gardner’s Tasks is where you will correlate at least one task to the theory and practice example. Gardner’s Tasks can be found in your book- Leading and Managing in Nursing, starting on/around page 52. Identify the task and then write your example from practice.

Don’t forget to list your references on your reference page! There needs to be 5 different in-text citations used throughout the entire worksheet.

I open and look at the entire document, be sure to complete all the columns and rows. Please download and use the worksheet. Here is what one row would look like:

Theory Name Summary Definition Practice Example Application of Gardner’s Tasks
Trait Theories Summarize in own words and cite the source. Example at work or create an example Write out the Name of the task and then provide real or created example