Stress or frustration at work


  Staff Survey Results 2019

What do you like most about working for this organisation?

The goal-oriented atmosphere and the drive of the company to grow.

Seeing that everyone has achievable goals.

I am able to do what I love.

That there is always something new and exciting in the works.

Commitment to excellence.

What do you like least about working for this organisation?

Unstructured performance review.

Not enough training.

Irrelevant training. The training I recently completed in management did not help me to do my job, I would have preferred on the job training.

Not enough communication between staff and management.

Not rewarded for my efforts.

Asked to do things above and beyond my job description.

Not recognised for efforts.

What causes you the most stress or frustration at work?

Disorganised processes, not consistent with managerial decisions.

Too much work.

Not always clear what my role is.

If you were the CEO of this organization, what would you do differently?

I would set clearer goals and rewards for my staff.

More staff participation in the planning meetings.

Lay out a vision, give clear expectations and job descriptions to each person and “let go” so the business runs in an efficient manner as possible.

Employ more women in senior positions to add diversity to the organisation.


What is it about this organisation that causes you to give more than what’s expected (or necessary to keep your job)?

I like the way the company works, and I want to be part of its success.

I want to see the company succeed.

I want to keep my job.

The company is growing, I’ve been hoping to transition into a new managerial role.

What about this organisation causes you to withhold an extra effort?

My specific role within the company does not tap into my full potential.

I feel I am unchallenged here and therefore I don’t feel that I am working as hard or trying as hard as I could be.

Seeing a lack of effort from others.

What gets in the way of teamwork and/or cooperation in this organization?

People who do not make the effort to find out about the company and its services and procedures.

Procedures that are set up for very good reasons, but not followed.

Managers that are not available when you really need them because they are often in meetings. Meetings are important, but so is supporting your team in every way that you can.

There can be an “us versus them” mentality, I’ve found this with some staff members who have been promoted to senior roles.

What could be done to improve teamwork and cooperation?

People need to be trained properly and by a manager, so that they can learn the proper procedures and be encouraged to take notes for future reference. This will also allow the manager to see the employees’ progress (or lack thereof).

The three-month probation period to determine whether or not the person will fit in with the team and be able to grow with the company. The three-month probation is not being used.

Better communication and cooperation throughout the whole company.

Better communication.

How good is the company’s learning and development strategy?

I didn’t know we had one.

It is pretty average. I don’t know what courses I should be doing.

No idea. I do my own training on whatever interests me.

There seems to be plenty of training going on, but not much of it is relevant for me.