Strategic Human Resource Management

Using a variety of academic sources critically analyze the environments in which High-tech Co is currently operating taking into consideration their future expansion

Using appropriate concepts and models of Strategic Human Resource Management suggests policies and procedures that the CEO should adopt in order to become an employer of choice and to attract and retain talented employees. You should consider how they can develop the organization to attain a workable management structure with an appropriate rewards strategy to attract high-caliber candidates.  Consideration should be given to the existing employees’ functions and how these can be incorporated into the business without causing conflict.

Make recommendations as to how the development of the business and HRM strategic plans can increase the performance of the organization with particular reference to establishing new approaches or methods of managing the human resources of High Tech Co whilst remaining competitive in their marketplace.  You should also identify any limitations for the company seeking to expand in such a way including cultural differences along with different working practices and employment legislation between countries.