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Al Abdul-Rahman Itani + 79 others to me Feb 21 at 1:13 PM
The following are answers I gave to recent questions posted on Canvas. We did go over them during the lectures except for the first two (specifically, the ones related to static variables). So, if for some reason, you are using static variables, please ensure that your code is compliant.
– Static variables defined at the file level are not allowed. – Static variables defined inside a function are allowed. – Global variables are not allowed. – The use of preprocessor directives is allowed. – You may assume that each line in the input file is 255 characters long or less. – Leading spaces and/or trailing spaces, per line, in the input file are possible. – The pieces in the input files are the pieces included in the homework handout. – The order per line is always: PIECE, ROTATION, followed by COLUMN. – The number of rotations given as a nonnegative integer; the largest such number is 2,147,483,647.
Dr. Itani