Staff survey results 2020

What do you like most about working for this organisation?

The people I work with and the people I work for.

The emphasis on training and learning for staff members.

Working with colleagues who achieve their goals.

The feeling that what I do on a day-to-day basis has a direct impact on our company and its success.

It seems as though every day there is an effort to make things better for the staff, the company and the clients – even during this challenging year of COVID-19.

Commitment to training and professional development.

They have some interesting staff training, like that Emotional Intelligence course. It was really eye-opening.

What do you like least about working for this organisation?

Not enough time to get everything done.

Not enough time for effective communication between trainers and management.

Not enough time to complete tasks.

Not all tasks are clearly set out prior to them being commenced.


What causes you the most stress or frustration at work?

Too much work that has tight timelines.

Not being able to book time with clients due to their lack of available time.

Being scheduled to carry out more work than I am capable of completing in the time given.

The stress of working from home due to COVID but that can’t be helped this year.

Trying to get an online appointment with a senior consultant.

If you were the CEO of this organisation, what would you do differently?

Reward the achievement of staff members’ learning goals.

Longer mentorships for new staff.

Nothing. I think that management are doing a great job.

Give timely and effective feedback.

Employ more people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

On the job training is most beneficial so I would focus on this.

What is it about this organisation that causes you to give more than what’s expected (or necessary to keep your job)?

I really connect with the vision of the company.

I like working as part of a team, and I am prepared to do more than I have to support my team.

I want to keep learning. I feel as though I am getting better and better at what I do.

The company does a lot for me, so I am happy to give extra back. None of us lost our jobs during COVID which was a relief.

What about this organisation causes you to withhold an extra effort?

I feel that my talents are not really appreciated. I could do more but am never asked.

I am already giving more than I have to.

I feel like I am just a small, interchangeable cog in the big machine. When I leave, my absence won’t be noted or the reasons for leaving acknowledged.

I know that the extra effort will not be appreciated or acknowledged.

Seeing other trainers get to have more interesting clients than I do.

What gets in the way of teamwork and/or cooperation in this organization?

We don’t meet often enough as a whole team.

Procedures are not always followed by everyone.

I am not always sure who I will be working with next week.

Some very average trainers have been promoted.

What could be done to improve teamwork and cooperation?

Some of the ongoing staff training could be more enjoyable if we did it in a group. Sometimes online learning is boring when you do it by yourself.

People could be rotated to work in different teams for a few months. That would help everyone to better appreciate what others are doing.

I sometimes feel that there is some bullying going on at the company, but I don’t have direct experience of it myself. Mandatory exit interviews would contribute to establishing if this is true.

Performance assessment should include teamwork and co-operation.

More training where the whole team participates.


How would you assess the company’s learning and development strategy?

Great. It makes all the difference to me.

It seems to work well. I know what I am going to do each year in terms of learning and professional development.

I like the way that we discuss this at my annual personnel review. That way I can tell that the company is taking this seriously.

Great. The mentoring when I first started was great. It was a very good introduction to the company.

It could benefit from capturing the feedback from staff who leave the company. Exit interviews are not mandatory at Grow Management Consultants, as it was with all the other places I have worked.

The Emotional Intelligence training was great. It changed the way I treat other trainers and the clients.

The strategy is good. The company has been very supportive of me starting a part-time post-graduate course.