Song Presentation Assignment

Song Presentation Assignment: 75 points
Pick a song from the 1950’s – Present, that is important in the development of rock/popular music or alternatively present a song that is important to you and explain why it’s important. Just like presentation #1, you will record yourself presenting your Prezi with Screencast-O-Matic (15 minutes max). Since computer audio can’t be recorded in the free version, simply attach a link in your submission.

A song that was talked about in one of my lectures can’t be used. No Beatles, Beach Boys, etc…Email me your choice and the year of your song to get clearance to use it. (5 points)Create a Prezi describing why the song was important either musically, socially and/or to you personally. (40 points). More is better, be very thorough!Include a link to youtube so I can hear it (youtube is the easiest!) (10 points) If the lyrics are important you can list them in the Prezi bubble.Please list your sources, according to the guidelines from the 1st presentation this semester. You must show me your sources within your video to get credit. (10 Points)Submit your recorded video as an MP4 file. (10 points)