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4/28/23, 10:41 AM EDEC304-2023S1: Welcome to EDEC304 1/2
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Welcome to EDEC304
Welcome to EDEC304
by Yvette Lucas – Wednesday, 1 March 2023, 9:32 AM
Dear Students,
Welcome to EDEC304 🙂
I am so excited to be teaching you all this semester and to leading you through this very important Our Society and the Environment unit.
Please note the following important information.
· This is a face-to-face unit and we will be meeting each week in C04
· Lectures are compulsory. You are required to attend and fully participate in every class. Minimum attendance required to pass this unit is 80%. This
allows you to miss one class for illness (Medical certificate required).
· Classes start on
Friday 10th March at 8:30am.
· Please be on time for lectures and if you are running late for any reason, please email me [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you all next Friday 10th March at 830am sharp in Room C04.
Have a great week.

4/28/23, 10:41 AM EDEC304-2023S1: Welcome to EDEC304 2/2
Journal 1
Kind regards
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