Q10. Identify 2 different supports a person may require in order to actively engaze in a social network? Q11. List two organizational policies and protocols which apply to the acquisition of resources in a community services suppot worker role ? Q12. Describe two impacts of funding frameworks on community participation. 15 Q13. Identify two criteria which can assist a person with a disability to select activities wich will enchance inclusion? 014. Identify two communication devices to assist with community participation and explain how a support worker may provide important communication support to a person with disability? Q15. Provide two examples of barriers to communication and social participation that may be experienced by a person who has cognitive deficits? 016: Provide two strategies for reducing or overcoming barriers to communication and social participation caused by cognitive deficits. Q17. Expalain key principles behind risk assessment and risk migigation. Q18. Identify 3 key pieces of common wealth legislation that effect the way disability services are provided and explain how organizations ensure employees comply with legislation, codes of pratice and nation starndards applying to their work?