BIS303 Social Media Strategy
Assessment 1 – Individual Assignment
Turkey Hill Dairy: BuzzFeed or Podcast?1
The Brief
You are looking forward to the next couple of months because you have an internship at Turkey Hill Dairy’s
corporate headquarters near your home in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. If all goes well it could turn into a
full- time position. You love Turkey Hill and grew up on their ice cream and iced tea. You are very excited as
you drive up to their offices next to the farm you have seen on the logo since you were a kid. You are also
excited because youheard they have free ice cream and iced tea in the kitchen for employees.
Your internship is in their marketing department, but the consumer marketing manager has hired you
specifically towork on the brand’s social media. She was impressed with the media plan you completed for a
social media class in college. The receptionist that greets you first takes you through the employee kitchen and
you grab a Green Tea Mango on your way to the marketing manager’s office.
As you sit down she says she already has a big project for you. She tells you that the brand has been involved in
socialmedia for years. They have had a blog since 2006 and joined Twitter in 2009. They are also on Facebook,
Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. They even have a Turkey Hill Nation app. As she says all this you
start to wonderwhy they need you!
They want to expand their social media presence to help increase sales and market share against competitors in
the iced tea or ice cream categories. They are working on building Turkey Hill as a national brand, so increasing
brand awareness is also key. She has some money set aside in their marketing budget for experimentation.
Specifically, theywant to know if they should invest in BuzzFeed or podcasts? They want to know what is
involved in each and whichyou feel will have a greater return on investment? Part of your internship is creating
content on their existing social media accounts, but the marketing team has a meeting with the CEO in a couple
weeks and you must have a proposalfor this project ready to go by then.
The Brand – Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill is the iced tea and ice cream brand with a unique name located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.
Thearea is known for its farming and Amish. Turkey Hill Dairy got its unusual name from the Susquehannock
Native Americans who lived along the Susquehanna River near the hill where the dairy is located. The
Susquehannocks named the ridge overlooking the river Turkey Hill because it was a good hunting ground for
wild turkey. The website sums up the brand’s history and story well in their own words and personality:
More than 85 years ago, in the southern end of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Armor Frey
started each day by watching the sunrise from the top of Turkey Hill. Then he’d toss a few
bottles of milk into the back of his touring sedan and set off to sell them to his neighbors. It
was the Great Depression, and every penny helped. Slowly, Armor’s route grew. Until one
day his “extra milk” business became his only business. In 1947, Glenn, Emerson, and
Charles Frey bought their father’s

business. All the dairy’s customers still lived within a few miles. Milking the cows and
running home delivery routes provided enough of a living for the young men to raise their
families. Overthe years, the little dairy thrived on their hard work.
In 1980, the Frey brothers took the biggest step in the life of the dairy by expanding its ice
cream production. Turkey Hill Ice Cream quickly became a favorite in local Lancaster County
stores. In 1981, they persuaded a few independent stores in the Philadelphia area to give
“Turkey Who?” a try. Philadelphians loved it. The ice cream was always good, but priced so
everyone could enjoy it. Light ice cream soon followed. Then frozen yogurt. Little by little,
this tiny dairy became a favoritein some of the country’s biggest markets.
Today, people all over the country enjoy our products. And more than just ice cream and
frozen yogurt; Iced Tea, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Sundae Cones are all made in the
Turkey Hill tradition of good eating. In spite of its success, some say this dairy still has a shy
personality. Whichis fine with us. Because we still think that bringing people a good
product, priced so everyone can enjoy it, is more important than talking about it.
The Turkey Hill brand makes iced tea, fruit drinks, iced coffee, milk, egg nog, purified drinking water, ice cream
andnovelty frozen desserts distributed throughout the US and internationally. Turkey Hill started as a family
owned business headquartered in Conestoga, Pennsylvania, but has been owned by Kroger, the country’s
largest supermarket chain since 1985.
Turkey Hill was family operated until 2013, when CEO Quintin Frey retired and long-time employee John Cox
became CEO. The Dairy is operated separately from Turkey Hill Minit Markets, a chain of convenience stores sold
byKroger to British convenience store operator EG Group in 2018.
3 Turkey Hill is one of the nation’s top selling
brands of refrigerated iced tea and ice cream in the US.
4 Sales against competitors in both categories can be
seen in the graphs below:
2 “A little bit about our past. And present,”, accessed July 17, 2018,
3 Chris Morris, “Kroger Sells Convenience Store Holdings for Nearly $2 Billion,”, February 5, 2018, convenience-stores.
4 “Turkey Hill (company),” Wikipedia, last modified on April 6, 2018,
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accessed July 7, 2018,
Source: Dairy Foods, “Dollar sales of the leading refrigerated tea brands of the United States in 2017 (in million U.S. dollars),” Statista, accessed
July 7, 2018,
The Marketing – Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill’s marketing is an integrated effort. They have successfully combined traditional advertising,
public relations, digital, social, in-store and sales promotion to the grow the brand. Television ads, radio,
billboard, free standing inserts (FSI’s), email, websites, signage, sampling, events, and news media coverage
are included in theirmarketing. The message in brand marketing tends to highlight their rural location as a
benefit. Messages have revolved around “timeless good values,” “hard work, family, community and fun.”
Turkey Hill Dairy has also been an innovator in digital and social media. They have been publishing their blog,
the“Ice Cream Journal,” since 2006, cultivating a community of ice cream fans. The blog continues to receive
high engagement, with some posts reaching over a hundred comments. The blog is also used as a listening
tool for crowdsourcing including soliciting product feedback with an annual ultimate flavor tournament to
determine the
“Frosty Four” fan favorite new flavors. The blog was the first national ice cream brand blog and has been
recognizedas a top five ice cream blog.
Turkey Hill has also had success with product placement on TV shows including “Everybody Loves Raymond,”
“TheSopranos,” “Madmen,” and “Silicon Valley.” Turkey Hill had a special place in the popular show “The
Office” when in the closing minutes of a season premiere, Jim proposed to Pam in front of a convenience store
with a Turkey Hill Iced Tea ad on the window behind them. The shelves were stocked with Turkey Hill Iced Tea.
The fans anticipated this moment for years and Turkey Hill was happy to be a part of it.
5 Elaine Wong, “Turkey Hill Makes a Case for ‘Timeless’ Ice Cream,” Adweek, May 14, 2009,
6 “September Prize: What’s Your Favorite Part of the Fall Season?,”, September 8, 2017,
7 “Turkey Hill Gets Prime Time Exposure!,” Ice Cream Journal, September 26, 2008,

Social Knowledge – BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed is a social news and entertainment company that collects and creates viral content from around the
web for content-discovery with over 200 million monthly unique visitors of which 50 percent are eighteen to
thirty-fouryears old. BuzzFeed also creates native video content inside social media networks and platforms
such as Facebook and YouTube with over 2.2 billion monthly video views.
BuzzFeed is known for listicles and online quizzes. Content is divided into news, videos, quizzes, tasty (recipes),
andthirty other areas. Feeds vary from LOL and win to fail and trending. Users vote on stories in each category.
Many stories are a collection of social media posts curated by BuzzFeed staff and posts have comments.
Examples of branded content on BuzzFeed include Macy’s article, “11 Back-To-School Outfits That’ll Crush It on
Social Media: Get Ready to Have a Fashionable Feed This Fall, Only with Macy’s.”
In 2013, Behr Paints went after a younger market by partnering with BuzzFeed. Behr sponsored a DIY content
vertical to offer household solutions and share ideas. Instead of buying traditional advertising, which
Millennials areknown to be more skeptical of, Behr partnered with BuzzFeed to offer value-added content”
Behr worked with PRfirm Burson-Marsteller to create eighteen editorial posts about painting and decorating
tips from Behr’s director of color marketing. The campaign kicked off with Behr giving the BuzzFeed office a
makeover that generated custom posts. The campaign resulted in nearly 60 million impressions.
Social Knowledge – Podcasts
Podcasts are a series of episodes of audio or video content delivered digitally. Podcasts are subscribed to and
downloaded through web syndication or streamed online through a computer or mobile device and then can be
taken anywhere for listening or viewing later offline.
12 Edison Research reports one-quarter of US consumers
are monthly podcast listeners up from just 12 percent in 2013. There are slightly more men (56 percent) than
women (44percent) listeners of monthly podcasts. Nearly half are eighteen to thirty-four years old (44 percent)
and a third (33 percent) are aged thirty-five to fifty-four.
13 Podcasts are now available on iTunes and other apps
such as TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Audible.
8 “BuzzFeed Advertise,”, accessed August 8, 2017, advertise.
9 Macy’s Brand Publisher, “11 Back-To-School Outfits That’ll Crush It on Social Media: Get Ready to Have a Fashionable Feed This Fall, Only with
Macy’s,”, August 7, 2017,
10 Karl Greenberg, “Behr Paints BuzzFeed,”, April 9, 2013, publications/article/197671/behr-paintsbuzzfeed.html. 11 “Case Study: Behr’s BuzzFeed Campaign,”, accessed February 18, 2015, http:// buzzfeed-campaign.
12 “Podcast,”, accessed September 14, 2017, http://www.merriam-web
13 “Podcast Consumer 2017,” Edison Research, April 18, 2017,
Timelines and Expectations
Total Percentage Value of Task: 20%
Individual Report Due Week 5, 18/12/22 before 11.30pm Turnitin on
MoodleMinimum time expectation:
20 hrs
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:
LO1. Define and apply the process and strategies for integrating social media into the disciplines of
advertising, public relations, marketing and a firm’s overall business objectives;
LO2. Research tactics for engaging consumers in various social media channels and for leveraging social
feedback across marketing, research, customer service, human resources, and product
Assessment Details
You are now familiar with Turkey Hill’s current social channels and have started creating content for their
Instagram and Snapchat accounts. But you know you need a good pitch for the new proposal to help lead
the brandinto a new social media channel. If you do well, it could lead to a full-time position in the
marketing department ofa brand you love. Over lunch in the employee kitchen you write out a to-do list for
the project:
1. Decide on a plan for iced tea or ice cream (2 marks)
2. Figure out Turkey Hill’s target market (2 marks)
3. Discover the ways brands can participate on BuzzFeed (3 marks)
4. Discover the ways brands can participate in Podcasts (3 marks)
5. Calculate which one will bring the best return on investment (3marks)
6. Come up with content ideas based on the brand, target and channel choice (7 marks)

Report Structure Page
Table of contents 1
Introduction 1
Plan on ice tea or ice cream and Turkey Hill’s target market 1
The ways brands can participate on BuzzFeed 1
The ways brands can participate in Podcasts 1
The best return on investment 1
Content ideas based on the brand, target and channel choice 1-3
References: 6-8 articles of APA Referencing Style 1
Appendix: Attachments such as contents

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7. If you submit your assessment late without obtaining an approval from the unit coordinator, a 10%
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Marking Criteria / Rubric

Marking Criteria High Distinction
1. Plan on ice tea or ice cream and Turkey
Hill’s target market. (4 marks)
Very good explanation on the
plan on ice tea or ice cream
and Turkey Hill’s target
Good explanation on
the plan on ice tea
or ice cream and
Turkey Hill’s target
Incomplete explanation
on the plan on ice tea
or ice cream and
Turkey Hill’s target
Inconsistent explanation
on the plan on ice tea or
ice cream and Turkey
Hill’s target market.
Incorrect explanation on
the plan on ice tea or ice
cream and Turkey Hill’s
target market.
2.Discuss the ways brands can participate
on BuzzFeed. (3 marks)
Very good discussion the ways
brands can participate on
Good discussion the
ways brands can
participate on
Incomplete discussion
the ways brands can
participate on BuzzFeed.
discussion the ways
brands can
participate on
Incorrect discussion the
ways brands can
participate on BuzzFeed.
3. Discuss the ways brands can participate
in Podcasts. (3 marks)
Very good discussion the ways
brands can participate in Podcasts.
Good discussion the
ways brands can
participate in
Incomplete discussion the
ways brands can
participate in Podcasts.
Inconsistent discussion
the ways brands can
participate in Podcasts.
Incorrect discussion the
ways brands can participate
in Podcasts.


4. Return on investment . (6 marks) Very good Justifications Good Justifications Inconsistent
Incomplete Justifications Incorrect Justifications
5. Content ides. Very good ideas Good ides Inconsistent
Incomplete ideas Incorrect ideas