/ U ••• this kind of product. There would be huge customers with dean-i-g,tvli:c (3) Competitors The main competitors of our products are ASHELY Fluninno”, Nici. ILEA furnitwe has 11 5.. of the total market share and ILEA Maim, L, 33′. z, 0: ■, whereas Crotwrood will enter this market to compete with the, sue salter t:tIrM,,, ,,,- 201S1 Yet customers will buy our product alter entering this inalket w, products at affordable prices. We will serve these products as their home end share will be an orro,7,,y
to lit the furniture in their home with modern decoration. Beside,. cur competitive ads anti,,: is that have professional workers who are highly skilled at their Lask,s and we ION, strategac plass:ag flan t•:s business properly. We will provide customization facilities which is a great advantage for the cu,..tonm and it is our competitive advantage that we will scene that funuture in their homes. We have analysed that there is a huge opportunity in this markxt to stake a profit became people’s living standards are iracruirag and they are prone to buy this kind of product matching their stands’ la_ They make a .change of their room after passing a certain level. (4) Skills analysis To operate a business, there should have a certain level of skills that help to mow forward to adiert. goal (Price. 20151. In the following table, a given set of skills required for developing the business forward and the way I had addressed any skills gap has been shown.
IN. I 1 im, he the %kit!. 1 quItttl aced ti4 M. … tt,10., repir 1.’.’:,-) kith *Mat th. tote, „,,, It’ Ilvt. ti ‘ht. *kill, I 14 N A .1 ik’ . ‘ ‘