Skill assessment for Migration purposes

Hello Support team, 

first of all, I want to thank you for your previous support on my assignments, and I am sending this email inquiring about a full set of CDR I need to send to Engineers of Australia for skill assessment for Migration purposes 

here are a few important outlines to consider: 

For CE1 

this is the second time applying for skill assessment through engineers Australia, the first outcome was not positive as one of the careers episodes (CE1) was considered misleading, a twelve months ban was conducted and the assessor advised to just replace CE1 which I need your help on writing new career episode to replace the previously submitted, have attached CE 1 replacement documents which has all the details to help you. 

attachments : 

CE1 Replacement Doc


For CE2 & CE3 

I need to rewrite both CE2 & CE3 as in just paraphrasing and you can  details and the information from the previously submitted CE 2 &CE3 

attachments :


for CE2 Layout Designer for HView SX Hybrid User Guide, 

FOR_CE2_Platinum Router Configuration

For continuing professional development (CPD )

I have attached a folder has the courses and training certificates 


CPD Training and Courses

I also need a fresh summary statement, although you can find an old ss submitted previously in the submitted folder. 

General information : 

occupational category: professional engineer 

please follow the latest MSA booklet from EA

word counts

plagiarism free with similarity report for me to be sure