seeking a risk mitigation

Required Words/pages:- 500 Words 8 PPT Slides with speaker notes



St. Michael”s Medical Center is now seeking a risk mitigation consultant to head the hospital as the new chief executive officer (CEO). You have been selected because of your risk management background. You realize that the hospital could have avoided all of these problems if it had complied with regulations, trained its staff, and enforced internal organizational policies. You are hired to put things in order and prevent future problems. For this assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the Board of Governors of St. Michael”s Medical Center comprising of 8 slides addressing the following: What are some current risk areas in healthcare? How do these risk areas affect the quality of care in patients? How do patient safety issues influence organizational performance? How are ethical and legal issues related to patient safety and organizational outcomes? What are the organizational obligations for reporting risk? How do patient outcomes relate to risk management? What are the roles of external regulatory bodies—such as the OSHA, the NAHQ, TJC, and the CMS—and why are they significant to patient care and organizational performance? What quality management initiatives would you put in place to enhance St. Michael”s Medical Center”s image? Deliverable Length: 8 slides minimum