“Using Faulkner’s Crisis Management Framework, critically evaluate a crisis management plan and make recommendations for improving it. The type of crisis might be a disease, tsunamis, hurricane, earthquake, flood, terrorism, riot or strike”.

  • Using evidence, introduce the geographical region the plan relates to
  • Introduce and fully reference the crisis management plan that will be reviewed
  • Using evidence, describe the potential environmental and human impacts of the risk being considered
  • Using a stakeholder classification model, identify and categorize locally specific stakeholder groups relevant to the plan
  • Using Faulkner’s crisis management framework, review the risk management measures in the crisis management plan
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the plan
  • Write a conclusion that provides recommendations to improve the crisis management plan
  • Use at least 10 academic references. Additional credible sources of evidence should also be used.