Risk Analysis Assignment

New Concrete Products Containing Recycled Glass with ADL Process Inc.



NOTE: Detail of project progress has been modified here for educational purpose and the names of the individuals are fictional to maintain confidentiality.

Company and Project Background

ADL Process, an electronics recycling company in Toronto, has been collaborating with George Brown College to identify the opportunities and feasibility in recycling cathode ray tubes (CRTs) into a construction product (e.g. concrete).

The project objective was to research concrete formulation, how it would be impacted by the addition of recycled glass and analyze the performance of different concrete formulations containing recycled glass. The research stage will be followed by the limited volume pilot production of modified concrete in ADL Process’s productions lines to be used for initial certification and marketing purpose of new product in Canadian market.

After twelve months of applied research and materials engineering characterization, ADL Process’s R&D team announced that the project was a big success and new developed concrete has all the technical requirements to meet the Canadian standard for cementitious materials for use in concrete.

Considering the current importance of applied research in green construction and sustainable building practices in the Canadian construction, this project could become a high-profile project for the Ministry of Environment and City of Toronto.

Scenario: Pilot Production of modified concrete

ADL Process’s current lines include certified product destruction and electronics recycling and has a total workforce of 200 staff spread across five departments (refer to Appendix A for organization chart).

Korina Khan, the ADL Process’s CEO, convened a meeting with the five department directors to present the plan for the pilot production of modified concrete. This phase of the project is to modify one of the ADL’s current productions (recycling) lines to produce required volume of modified concrete. However, in order to keep up with their regular electronics recycling business, ADL will need to finish the production within four months and requires the participation and coordination of all five departments.

All five department directors pledged their support for this plan and will serve as members of an Executive Steering Committee along with Korina herself. This committee is tasked with identifying and assigning resources to support the project. The ADL’s Director of Financial Services has volunteered to champion the project.

ADL has contracted you as a project manager to plan, manage, and execute this plan. At this stage, the target market includes mid-size concrete producer companies in the greater Toronto area. Mark Stock, Environmental manager from GBC will serve as the client.


Points to Consider

ADL will need to produce the required volume of modified concrete within four months in order to meet the very tight operational timeline

Engineering has indicated that it can modify its current production line to manufacture the proposed products, but they clearly need different parts, have never bought before

Health & Safety has indicated that, indoor air quality of manufacturing site, can also change due to the large volume of dust which is expected to be released due to the production of modified concrete.

Concrete producers are not typical customers for ADL. Sales & Marketing will need to establish new customer contacts and secure purchase orders



Risk Management Assignment

Task 1: Risk Identification

Based on the information provided in the case study and/or the supporting organization chart and WBS, identify and describe three significant risks associated with this project. Define the risk and why you believe each risk has potential to occur. Also, make sure to list any assumptions related to your chosen risks (Risk identification is worth 30% of total mark for this assignment)

Determine the risk priority for each of the three risks you have identified using (Risk priority is worth 40% of total mark for this assignment):

Risk Probability Matrix (make whatever assumptions that are required to complete this task). Focus on risks that you believe to have a moderate or high probability of occurring.

Risk Impact Assessment Matrix to indicate how each of your identified risks would impact the project’s cost, time, scope and/or quality (make whatever assumptions that you require to complete this task). In addition to identifying the risk impact (L,M,H) you need to provide an explanation as to support your risk impact assessment.

Identify the relative priority of each of your identified risks using a Risk Priority Matrix

Use the Excel templates provided for this assignment

Task 2: Risk Response Strategies (worth 30% of the total mark for this assignment)


Develop a strategy for responding to each of the three risks you have identified. Make use of the terminology and tools presented in this course. Be specific regarding which of the risk response strategies you are using. Which are primary and which are secondary?


In preparing this assignment, make whatever assumptions you require about the project. There is no expectation that you possess any expertise in concrete manufacturing. However, try to make your assumptions as realistic as possible based on cited research, where possible.

In submitting the computer file of your report, strictly adhere to the following:

Complete this assignment in Microsoft Word. Copy the Excel spreadsheets into the MS Word document. Do not submit separate MS Excel documents. PDF documents will not be accepted.

Remember to put your name and GBC number on the cover page of the assignment AND in the file name that you upload to Blackboard

Complete this assignment as if you were providing it to a business client. Use professional language. Do not use slang or colloquialisms.

Upload your completed assignment to Blackboard (it is in the Assignments section) by 11:59 pm (Toronto Time) FEB 21, 2023

The format of the report should be as follows (marks will be deducted if format differs from below):

Introduction – provide a brief introduction to the assignment

Risk 1

Risk description and assumptions (1-2 paragraphs)

Risk Probability Matrix

Risk Impact Matrix

Risk Response

Risk 2

Risk description and assumptions (1-2 paragraphs)

Risk Probability Matrix

Risk Impact Matrix

Risk Response


Risk 3

Risk description and assumptions (1-2 paragraphs)

Risk Probability Matrix

Risk Impact Matrix

Risk Response

Risk Priority Matrix for three risks

Evaluation Rubric





Points Assigned

Conceptual Understanding and Issue Identification

Excellent understanding of the purpose of the assignment and the related concepts and issues. Excellent presentation of information. Significantly exceeds basic requirements.

Score: 64-80 points


Good understanding of concepts and issues as they relate to the assignment; more depth and development needed. Some issues with the manner in which the information is presented. Meets basic requirements

Score: 56-63 points

Inadequate understanding of the purpose of the assignment or the issues that need to be addressed. Information is not well presented.

Score: 48-55 points

Missed most of the essential points and issues; poor understand of the overall purpose of the assignment. Numerous issues with presentation of information.

Score: 40-47 points

Minimal or no understand of concepts and issues; lack of understanding of the purpose of the assignment. Very poor presentation of materials.

Score: <40 points


Quality of Work

High level of accuracy and clarity in content. Minor to no errors in grammar and spelling. Proper APA formatting.

Score: 16-20 points

Coherent sentence and paragraph structure; some errors in grammar and spelling; minor errors in APA formatting; meets minimum standards. 

Score: 13-15 points

Inconsistent to inadequate sentence and paragraph development; work needed on grammar and spelling; improper APA format. 

Score: 12-14 points

Low quality work. Poor sentence structure, numerous grammar and/or spelling errors; lacks APA format. 

Score: 10-11 points

Inaccurate and incomplete

Score: 0-10 points




Appendix A: ADL Organization Chart


Appendix B: WBS