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rmsessmenT. lc., . _ Australian Chamber of Commerce has Australia wide surveys on industries $1,450 Homeware Magazines and Publications is an international magazine covering innovations in home wares $250 per quarter Newspaper subscriptions covering local issues $100 per quarter. Resource usage application
Resource I Resource description quantity
Internal or external
External resource costs
You and Tony meet with each of the consultants identified by the CEO and explain to the need to meet the time frame set by the board. You know that the Definition/Scope Phase together with the Consultant/Supplier Selection Phase will take 2 weeks. You also realise that you will need a week at the end to prepare your reports. Tony explains that there is an expectation that they will be able to complete the following tasks in the time frame allowed: • Develop market research information needs questionnaire • Document information needs • Identify information to be gathered in research • Identify source of information • Identify research participant • Identify research technique • Identify timing requirements and budget • Conduct research
o Primary Market Research including customer surveys, focus groups and interviews with Houzit staff/managers and customers. o Secondary Market Research including the materials provided by Houzit.
• Document research findings • Develop research report. A week and a half into the project you receive the following responses from thepreferred consultants.
• Acworth Accounting quote: $11,500. Will need to engage external research staff. Will need ten weeks to complete the report. Cannot do focus groups. • Lombards quote: $12,000. Have specialist staff available in the home-wares field. Can complete the work within ei methods of research. ght weeks. Can apply all