Research Project Proposal Form

Research Project Proposal Form (Detail Guide)

(1500 maximum word count)

Programme BSc (Hons) Management and Business Administration
Student ID
Working title of your proposed research

We require students undertaking research to comply with the Code of Practice Involving Human Participants. This is intended to help you reflect on possible issues of ethical concern arising from your proposed research project.

Research project description (brief overview of nature of project 300 words maximum)

Research Rationale 250words maximum

Research Aims 60words

Objectives (85words, not more than 4 objectives)

Research Questions 75words (not more than 4 questions)

Identification of literature sources

This is relation to your research topic for which you need to come up with key literature that would be the core credible academic sources to help you handle your research when you start Dissertation proper (Dissertation 1 & 2). For this, you need to come up with 10 authoritative academic sources with one sentence on each as why (reason) selected to be the basis of on which your Dissertation 1 & 2) would be built 250 words

Research methodology 200words

How would you conduct the research? Briefly

What methods would you use? Briefly

Briefly discuss how you would construct your data collection method (s) (if relevant).

Briefly discuss how you would administer the above data collection method (s) (if relevant).

Briefly discuss how you would design the instrument (if relevant).

Briefly discuss how you would analyse any data collected.

Timeline completion/Gantt Chart 100words

This is about the diagram itself which must be a Gnatt Chart

Research Structure (Summary of the Gantt chat in words) 110 words

This is about explaining what you have in the diagram.

Ethical questions

Deception of participants? Yes/No

Financial inducements? Yes/No

Possible psychological stress? Yes/No

Access to confidential information? Yes/No

Any other special circumstances? Yes/No

Ethical consideration of proposed research based on above 5 broad questions (100words)