Research Approach and Methodology

  • Evaluate the methodology used by Armand et al. (2021) by discussing its strengths and limitations in relation to the study’s research purpose and objectives.
  • Assuming that Armand et al. (2021) did not find any statistically significant relationship between sleep, well-being, and academic performance, apply your knowledge of research methods and propose a follow-up study with an alternative approach to explore further. Ensure that you state what you aim to achieve in this follow-up study and explain how your proposed research design can meet the objective clearly

Sampling and Data Collection

  • Considering the research purpose and objectives, identify and propose a sampling method that may be more suitable than the one used in this study to enhance external validity. Provide a clear justification and rationale for your proposed sampling method.
  • Compare and contrast the different types (s) of reliability measures and examine if any of them would be applicable to the study by Armand et al. (2021).

Research Ethics and Quality

  • Demonstrate your understanding of extraneous variables by discussing what factors would have influenced the dependent variables in Armand et al. (2021) that the researchers should have considered.
  • Another group of researchers wants to conduct a follow-up study and propose to use a classic two-group experimental design where participants are invited to the asleep laboratory, with one group, would be subjected to poor sleeping conditions and the other group would be allowed to have better sleep conditions. Critically examine the ethical considerations the researcher should be aware of before conducting the study.