Value: 15% Due Date: Week 10
Topic: Based on the case study, students need to write a report on one of the following topics as per the last digit of their student ID. Task Details: Students need to conduct their research and identify the topic on which they need to write a comprehensive report. The identified topic should have the following properties,
• It should be a case-study topic i.e., analysis and discussion on the specific situation, scenario, or instance • It should be reported as a well-known problem in news reports, academic journals, or research blogs. • It should be an open, and debatable topic where arguments are provided to support or against a particular issue • It can also be a specific situation, court judgement, Government regulation, or policy • It should be within the scope of the list of topics provided below
Students can use the following strings to use in their research to find the topics of interest,
• Digital forms of communication and associated challenges • Reliability of digital communications and their social impact • Benefits and harms of relying too much on Internet • Safe and unsafe interactions on Internet • Ethical and moral issues related to Internet Messaging • Freedom of Expression and Digital Media • Freedom of Expression and censorship in online space • Transparency, and trust in online platforms • Consumer trust and its abuse in online applications • Intellectual property of digital content and its piracy • Advantages and issues associated with digital Intellectual property • Complex restrictions and regulations on the use of digital content • Digital innovations in Financial Technology and its implications • Decentralised communications and associated technologies • Cryptocurrencies and associated challenges • Proprietary versus open-source software and application development • Privacy in online space • User and information privacy • Ethical and unethical data mining • Ethical and unethical use of user information in online space • Ethical and unethical information collection • Regulations and freedom of information in online space • Laws, policies, and regulations for online space • Data collection and storage related regulations and responsibilities • Government fair use of laws and overreach of its power in online space • Ethical and moral codes for ICT professionals • Accreditation, professional bodies, and their role for ICT professionals’ development • Advantages and risks associated with digitalization of essential services and utilities • Expectations, standards, and codes of conduct for ICT Professionals
Please submit your chosen topics using Google form (Click here). If you have any questions, you can discuss this with the tutor or refer to the recorded video on Moodle for more details on his assessment and how to approach it.