Required tools, equipment and materials

The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in a workplace or simulated environment where the conditions are typical of those in a working environment in this industry.

For this task you will require access to and the use of:  

Required tools, equipment and materials

Business requirements documentation and information

Industry software packages

Required hardware and its components

File storage

For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to plan and monitor at least two (2) different business analysis activities, including determining an approach and required processes. You must:

1. Determine business analysis deliverables, tasks and estimates.
2. Plan business analysis communications.
3. Comply with organisational and legislative requirements.

On each occasion, complete the following actions to plan business analysis approach:

4. Identify and document the business analysis initiative and establish applicable organisational process needs and objectives.
5. Review organisational and legislative requirements, including standards, guidelines and processes applicable to initiative.
6. Define process requirements of business analysis initiative, according to organisational requirements.
7. Tailor approach to needs of specific business analysis initiative, according to organisational standards.
8. Engage with required personnel and determine how work will be completed.
9. Plan execution of business analysis activities according to organisational requirements.

Complete the below steps on each occasion to conduct stakeholder analysis:

10. Identify and note stakeholders who may be affected by business need or new solution.
11. Assess and document stakeholder attitudes toward and influence over initiative.
12. Decide which stakeholders will have authority over business analysis activities.
13. Instigate regular reviews and identify new stakeholders and changed positions as business needs evolve.

Complete the following steps to plan business analysis activities and communication on each occasion:

14. Discuss and establish type of project or initiative and business analysis deliverables.
15. Determine and document the scope of work in business analysis activities.
16. Establish and approve which activities the business analyst will perform and when.
17. Develop estimates for business analysis work.
18. Determine and note methods to receive, distribute, access, update and escalate information from project stakeholders.
19. Decide how best to communicate with each stakeholder according to stakeholder needs and constraints to communication.

On each occasion, plan requirements management process by completing the following actions:

20. Establish a requirements repository for storing requirements, including those under development, under review, and approved requirements.
21. Assess need and process for requirements traceability based on applicable factors.
22. Conclude which requirements attributes will be captured.
23. Determine requirements change management process.

Complete the below steps to manage business analysis performance on each occasion:

24. Determine and note which metrics will be used when measuring work performed by business analyst.
25. Report performance in required format according to project needs.
26. Assess performance measures and determine where problems may be occurring in executing business analysis activities.
27. Identify and recommend preventative or corrective actions as required.
28. Confirm and review business analysis performance and recommended actions with required personnel.