MODULE 3 QUESTIONS: Read the Case of “The Hollinger Chronicles”. See attached file.Now view the interview of Conrad Black by Adam Boulton by clicking on the weblink to this item provided above or by going to the following Youtube link: watching the Youtube video of Conrad Black and considering that Mr. Black is highly accomplished and is widely regarded as a world-class historian, has your assessment of Conrad Black changed?Now view the first few minutes of the weblink video Guest Lecture; Conrad Black Interview by the University of California (see link above). The video is also available at: the University of California video Conrad Black describes the actions and motives of Richard Breeden who headed the committee that described the activities of Hollinger as a “corporate kleptocracy.”Also, look at the article “Connect the Dots: KPMG, Hollinger, Breeden”Does this provide an important perspective to understanding of the case? What is that perspective?Conrad Black was accused of treating a public company as a private business. Donald Trump is quoted as saying “In retrospect, he (Black) probably shouldn’t have gone public.” “A public company is a different mindset. It’s never easy for an individual entrepreneur who owns things because it is a whole different set of ideas.”Question 1. Describe the structural deficiencies existing in the Hollinger organization that provided the opportunity for the excesses described in the case.Question 2. What is your assessment of the actions of Conrad Black?Question 3. Do you think that Donald Trump’s assessment, that Conrad Black’s fundamental mistake was taking his business public, fairly states the main issue in this case? What is that issue?