Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Decision Making

Article Review Assignment

Objective of article review (this assignment) is to allow students to analyze and evaluate the work of other scholars in a given field. Therefore, the primary goal of the student is to summarize everything and report a clear understanding of the topic you’ve been working on.

Article Topics

  1. Linear programming and its application in real business
  2. Review of breakeven model and its application in business decision
  3. Transportation and assignment model practice and its application in managerial decision
  4. Game theory and its applicability in decision making
  5. Analysis of queuing situation by using queuing model and its applicability for managerial decision making
  6. Project management by using network flow model and its practical application
  7. Review of Monte Carol Method (simulation model) and its applicability in business decision
  8. Another similar business topics can be acceptable