Question 1

Evaluate the buying and selling rates/prices of the stock using the long_MA and short_MA trading signals. No shorting of stocks is allowed in the strategy, i.e. the trader can only sell the stock if she owned it in the first place.
Print the buying and selling dates and prices of stock clearly in your IPYNB.

Question 2

Make use of the alpha vantage module to download the prices of stock from start_dt to end_dt

Question 3

Given the initial_wealth of the trader, evaluate the final wealth on the end_dt of the analysis. For the purpose of comparison, also evaluate the final wealth of the trader if she chooses to buy and hold the stock from start_dt to end_dt.

Print the final wealth of the trader, for both strategies, to an accuracy of two (2) decimal points, clearly in your IPYNB.

Question 4

Draw and present the outcome of the trader using the plot format given in Appendix A.