punctuality and attendance

   What are 3 questions you should expect in ANY interview? State the questions and then give your answer to each.
2.    Grade yourself for punctuality and attendance in this class. Explain your answer. Why is this important?
3.    Why haven’t  you made better use of the OU Career Services office?  What’s your excuse?
4.    Create your resume for a job as a high school counselor at Rochester Adams High School. Remember to tailor your experience to the specific job.
5.    Search USAjobs.gov for an internship you would be interested in doing. Describe the job, what it pays, where it is, and explain how you would go about getting the job. Here is the link https://www.usajobs.gov/StudentAndGrads 
6.    Behold the Michigan League for Public Policy list of 2016 Budget Priorities. Focus on #2 regarding child care. As part of your job as an advocate/lobbyist for a non-profit, make the case to your own State of Michigan House Member for raising subsidized Child Care eligibility rules from 100% to 150% of poverty. Make sure you know who your House Member is. Here is a link to the issue: http://www.mlpp.org/michigan-league-for-public-policy-2018-budget-priorities 
7.    Despite all your plans, things didn’t work out like you thought and you have decided to go into teaching. Your quickest route seems to be Teach for America. You have advanced to the interview stage. You have to prepare a 5 minute lesson on a subject of your choice to teach the “class” of other candidates. Use this link for guidance and present your lesson in a powerpoint to answer this question.  http://www.teachforamerica.org/top-stories/preparing-your-interview-sample-teaching-lesson 
8.     Using this link to the US Foreign Service, tell me what career track you have decided to pursue and what location would be your plum assignment. Include a discussion of your diagnostic test results to see what position you are most interested in and suited for.  http://careers.state.gov/work/foreign-service/officer/test-process 
9.    Write a paragraph on each of the 3 Guest Speakers: Amy Ring OU Career Services Office, Chris Legghio, Labor Attorney, and Suzanne Rossi, OU MPA program, describing what you learned from them and how you applied their teachings to your own life.
10.    George Washington Plunkitt’s approach to politics linked Jobs, Family, and Friends. What role have family and friends played in your own employment history? Does Plunkitt accurately describe the world you live in?