The course project will involve reviewing a publicly traded company and identifying some of the internal control weaknesses that currently exist. In this review, you will be examining how these internal controls are reported to the public along with identifying the individuals responsible for carrying out these tasks. This project will continue throughout the session by reviewing specific areas each week that impact the auditor and management in carrying out their responsibility of reporting to the public.


Assignment Details:


Select a publicly traded domestic (U.S.) company with internal control weaknesses by reviewing the company’s latest Form 10-K Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing and submit it to your instructor for approval.


    • Select a publicly traded domestic (U.S.) company and identify its stock symbol. To search a publicly traded company on the Internet, use the key words finance, stock and quotes. Ensure you select a domestic company for your assignment.


    • Use this information to research the weaknesses disclosed by the selected company. (Companies to consider should include the ones recently in the news.)


    • Select the link that provides information about the SEC filings of various companies. Next, select your preferred company from the list of companies provided. Scroll down to the company’s Form 10-K Annual Report and look at the detailed filing.


    • From the Form 10-K annual reporting, select Items 9, 9A, 9B, and Item 7 of the SEC report and analyze for any material weaknesses in internal controls or disagreements with auditors.


Support your answers with scholarly research, examples, and evaluation and present them in the APA format.