“Why sexual boundary violation is regarded as one of the most common ethical problems among counselors?”

  1. Define Key Terms o Terms to define using references from expert opinion such as psychologists or APA or credible sources? What is Sexual? What is Boundary? What is a Violation?  ? What is a Sexual boundary violation for counselors?
  2.  Research on the topic of sexual boundary violation and answer the following

2.1. The Problem – Why is it one of the most common ethical problems and how widespread a problem is it?
2.2. Real-Life Cases – Share 2 real-life case examples of counselors committing sexual boundary violations. And use the SAC codes to explain why it is considered unethical for each case.
2.3. Recommendations – What are some recommendations to prevent such violations?

  • Use experts’ reports, journals, textbooks, published books, Newspaper cuttings, Case studies, and Any other relevant materials Important:
  1. Throughout the paper, you need to apply APA format guidelines.
  2. You need to cite the source of the information, research, concepts, or theories in the discussion.
  3. Application of knowledge by referring to specific theories to support your discussion points demonstrates your understanding of the subject matter.