Task ;
This assignment involves completing a literature review that critiques the literature and examines evidence about a particular topic. The list of topics are:

Does hearing voices always indicate a diagnosis of psychosis?

– Do psychological therapies lead to physiological or biological changes for people with mental health difficulties? [or choose a specific type of therapy and/or specific disorder]

Does use social networking sites leg.. Instagram) cause mental health disorders? Can exercise [or yoga] be used to improve mental health [or a particular mental health condition)?

Why do some people go on to develop PTSD while others do not?

– Are psychedelics [or prescription stimulants] effective treatments for people with mental health difficulties? [of choosing a specific substance and/or specific disorder]?

Are there effective interventions for personality disorders [Or a specific personality disorder]?

Should we be taking a specific? disorder or transdiagnostic approach for categorical or dimensional] to mental health?

The emphasis in this assignment is. firstly, to promote critical thinking In relation to a particular topic. In other words. to encourage you to ask ‘What’s the evidenCer. and to search for this evidence in a systematic way. The assignment is also designed to help you develop the ability to effectively communicate evidence-based information.

The assignment should be structured like a “narrative review” essay. It does not need to be a Systematic Review (so it is different from how this assignment has been structured in previous years). which is where you would be including information about the method of the Systematic review process. You also do not need to be including a table summarising the articles you have reviewed.

it should Just be written as an essay. throughout which you are reviewing literature in order to draw a conclusion about the essay question. It is very likely you would have done this a number of times In your previous undergrad units. There are some writing for psychology- guides in the library (or often students will already have one from P5Y141 /intro psych unit) which gives you an overview of how to structure an essay/literature review. For this reason, we are not providing ‘example” assignments