Proportions of overtime wins

Among 460 overtime National Football League (NFL) games between 1974 and 2011, 252 of the teams that won the overtime coin toss went on to win the
game. During those years, a team could win the coin toss and march down the field to win the game with a field goal, and the other team would never get
possession of the ball. That just didn’t seem fair.
Starting in 2012, the overtime rules were changed. In the first three years with the new overtime rules, 47 games were decided in overtime and the team that
won the coin toss won 24 of those games.
First, explore the two proportions of overtime wins (for the 1974-2011 data and then for the 2012 data). Does there appear to be a difference? If so, how?
Create a claim to be tested, then test it. Use a hypothesis test as well as a confidence interval.
What do you conclude about the effectiveness of the overtime rule change?