Project Management Methodologies

PPMP 20009: Project Management Methodologies- Portfolio Assignment Help


Learning Outcome 1: Explain reasons why organisations adopt Project Management Methodologies 3

Learning Outcome 2: Critically analyse the impact of Project Management Methodologies upon stakeholders 4

Learning outcome 3: Explain and justify the major elements of a Project Management Methodology that might meet the needs of an organisation

Without going overboard, when formatted item 1 to 3 below will be most likely 4 to 5 pages. It might be more, but it should not be less. Each learning outcome (LO) would contain two to three paragraphs. The important thing is to say in the LO section how the student achieved the LO. This is done through the summary and the evidence that points to each week in the appendix (weekly submission).

Learning Outcome 1: Explain reasons why organisations adopt Project Management Methodologies

Summary (example only)
It’s interesting to learn that Project Management methodology and concepts had its greatest evolvement during the past 40 years. This is consistent with my own experience and observations in the construction industry during the late 1990’s and early 2000. From my observations engaged in different size construction projects, most projects conducted in the 1990’s, project management was in the development stage and application was very basic. In 2005 during construction of a gas processing facility I witnessed the use of project management systems and methodology had intensified compared to the 1990’s. The new focus was on completing deliverables within the original scope, time and cost, and where ever possible enhance profitability.

My current international employer utilizes formal project management with well-established policies, procedures and guidelines.’ Current continuous electronic communication connectivity is essential to maintaining continuity across the entire organisation and fostering the same business culture regardless of geographic location or domain.
(write as you deem fit)

Provide enough evidence to convince your examiner that you have met the above learning outcome (you can explain by referring to your own work experiences. You may append / refer the examiner to documents which you have submitted in the weekly portfolios to supports your arguments).