Writing Instructions
Please follow Professional communication and write professional English
YOUR TASK. Revise each of the following wordy, dense paragraphs into a set of concise
instructions. Include a short introductory sentence.
Also, explain why need to change to formal English writing, and look carefully if it is in
Professional communication
Who wouldn’t want to hide a messy room during a Zoom session? Millions of people were using
video chat during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were working and studying from home.
Some discovered they could customize the video background using stock images, their own
photos, or even videos. Here is how to use virtual backgrounds. Of course, one’s system must
have the right requirements. You should select Virtual Background on the menu to the left after
clicking your profile and then Settings. People can choose a default option, for example, an
image of outer space or a green screen. Or they can upload their own background photos by
clicking the plus icon on the Virtual Background Page. A pop-up box will let users upload a
picture from their computers. By clicking the one they may want, they can see it alongside the
stock pictures. To remove photos, users just need to tap the X in the top left corner. These
instructions are for laptop and desktop computers, but mobile devices can be set up in a similar
way. Zoom users shouldn’t forget to experiment with a beauty filter to soften their appearance!
Customer service today is omnichannel and customer-driven, so when someone wants to reach
out to you on social media, you need to be there, ready to respond. Of course, having an official
response for major concerns or inquiries is an advantage. Companies must always respond and
do it quickly. Many organizations fail to respond to many (or any) of their social media
interactions. They say they aren’t exactly sure how to respond to social media comments and
questions. But consistency is key when responding. It’s also important to listen to the
competition and to track every mention on social media to find out what people are saying about
you, even if they don’t know that you’re listening. Measuring the effectiveness of organizations’
social media response is crucial too, as is hanging out where your customers are. Social
listening also means to be friendly and personable. It helps to coordinate responses with
executives and others who are visible on social media.

Obtaining credit and keeping good credit can be difficult, especially for people beginning their
professional journeys. Here are five suggestions that will help you obtain credit and maintain a
good credit score. One thing I like to suggest first is getting a gas store card. These cards are
easier to get than regular credit cards. What’s great about them is that you can establish a credit
history by making small payments in full and on time. To maintain good credit, you should
always pay your bills on time. Delinquencies are terrible. They create the biggest negative effect
on a credit score. If you already have credit cards, your balance should be paid down. If you
can’t afford to do that, you might take a loan from a family member or friend. If you have unused
credit card accounts, don’t close them. I know it sounds as if you should, but actually, canceling
a card can lower your score. Don’t do it! Finally, never max out your credit cards. A good rule of
thumb to follow is to keep your balance below 30 percent of your credit limit.