Product differentiation

Explain and give an example of these terms in your own words. Product differentiation

There are 4 quizzes and each is in preparation for improving your responses for writing on the projects.  Please answer these questions in a narrative that has to be between 5 lines and 20 lines of text FOR EACH NUMBERED QUESTION.  Only the text can be used for responses.  When students use outside sources, the answers are consistently less clear and without appropriate depth.  There are about 5-7 questions on select chapters, but information from other chapters may be needed to fully answer each question.


The maximum pages for the quiz should be no more than 6 content pages, using Times New Roman, 12 point font, and APA.  However, I prefer single space, but it is your option on which to use.  (Please note quantity NEVER equals quality).  In addition, you are always required to cite THE TEXT.


The question number, quiz question with key terms underlined (in the question and your response), page number of the text you use is required, and include your response to the question along with key terms underlined, and do not include quotes unless from the text and cite per APA).  It should be in your own words, but the text should provide the basis for your understanding.  Outside sources are should not be used.