Principles of Cellular and Biomolecular Analysis

  • What must I do?
    This assessment is designed to test your abilities to select an appropriate methodology for a particular biomolecular analysis that you might need to conduct in the future. This will be an important skill to have as you prepare for your final year research project. To do well you must consider various aspects of the analysis including sensitivity, selectivity, and the rate at which you can process samples and assess whether they are adequate and appropriate for your needs. In this assessment, you will produce a poster that compares two analytical methodologies used in a defined diagnostic or research application and present this orally. Your poster should explain the nature of the analyte(s), the important analytical principles involved, the specificity and sensitivity of the assay methodologies, and consider the rate of sample throughput and other workflow considerations, thereby providing an evidence-based critique of the approaches taken. 


  • What will I be provided with?
    You will be provided with a basic poster template of the correct size (A0) in Microsoft Powerpoint and will develop your poster within that. You are encouraged to be creative in producing a stimulating and authoritative professional document.
    You will also be provided with two research articles for comparison. In order to gain a high score and to produce a professional poster, it is expected that you will draw on and cite other appropriate peer-reviewed sources.