Practice for Assessments: ACOM1001

Practice for Assessments: ACOM1001

 To be completed and reviewed in Week 4 tutorial (N.B. You must prepare your summary notes at home and bring to class so that you write an annotation in class OR email your draft for online classes.)

 Total 500 words

An annotation forms part of a larger collection of similar texts, called an Annotated Bibliography. The purpose of an annotation is to critically summarise the main arguments of a source that relate to a core research issue and to evaluate the academic reliability of the source.

You will find your source for your topic by following the link on the iLearn page.
1. Summarise the main ideas in report that aligns with your topic for the pages given only (approximately 250 words)

Topic Author/s Article Name Year Pages

Freedom of Press and Government Ideology

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, and Jee Young Lee etc

Digital News Report: Australia 2021


28-49; 74-85

Gender Inequality

World Economic Forum

The Global Gender Gap Report 2021



Hidden Women in History

Audrey Osler

Still hidden from history? The representation of women in recently published historytextbooks.



Language Death

Department of Infrastructure Transport, Regional Development and Communications, etc

National Indigenous Languages Report



The New Work Order

Deloitte Access Economics

Soft skills for business success: Building Australia’s future workforce




 currency (approximately 250 words)

Notes to guide your annotations

  •   Follow the 3 stage structure of the annotation model given in the video lectures (including precise APA citation, summary of source, evaluation of source).
  •   Use complete, full sentences and try to integrate academic vocabulary.
  •   Be concise (i.e. 500 words not including the citation).
  •   Distinguish the most significant and relevant details and maintain the word count limit.Department of Linguistics (MH DS March 2022)

Identify the purpose and audience of the report and critically analyse it with regard to:  authority
 audience
 transparency

 objectivity

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