PowerPoint presentation

Project – Due
11:00 PM
Please follow below instruction and submit a PowerPoint presentation and ipynb file as
two major deliverables.
•Download the csv file (Please see attached csv data file) ⚫Upload your file in Google Drive
•In Google Colaboratory, import required libraries and dependencies (Pandas, NumPy,
Matplotlib, PyPlot, etc.)
⚫Use pandas to access data
•Create a data frame
•Do the requested tasks
⚫Calculate the Final Grade, Pass/Fail, Letter Grade and print them in their columns in your
Data Frame in Pandas
⚫Calculate the average in final grades
⚫Calculate the Max., Min, Median in your final grade lists
•Create two charts showing your data distributions (Bar Chart, Pie Chart, etc.)
⚫Bar chart (Mid-Term exam, Final Exam and Final Grade for each student) Pie/Bar charts (letter grade)
⚫Histogram for Final Grades Distribution
•Pie/Bar charts (Pass/Fail)
•Your charts should have a title, labels, agenda (if possible), griding axis’s •Save and export the updated csv or excel file to your google drive
Your calculations for the Final Grade, Pass/Fail, and Letter Grades columns in your Python Data Frame should be based on below given criteria:
A = Greater than or equal to 90
B = Greater than or equal to 80 and less than 90
C = Greater than or equal to 70 and less than 80
D = Greater than or equal to 60 and less than 70
F= Anything less than 60
Student get a PASS if final grade is “60 or above” and FAIL is when final grade “below 60”.
•PowerPoint slides
•Interactive Python Notebook (.ipynb) file